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Interceptive Orthodontics


Interceptive Orthodontics

Here at Three Little Birds Pediatric Dentistry, we believe in helping our patients develop into the best version of themselves. Dr. Phil stresses the importance of early dental visits not only to prevent disease but to monitor and track the dentofacial development of your child. Early intervention is the only way to prevent major disturbances in your child's orofacial and dental development. Dr. Phil is equipped to manage early concerns with the spacing and alignment of teeth and the developing arches. 


Interceptive Orthodontics Services

three little birds pediatric dentistry

Palatal Expansion

Palatal expanders are essential tools to expand or widen a narrowed upper jaw. Prolonged bad habits like thumb/digit sucking or pacifiers can narrow the upper jaw and create problems with the development of the teeth and face. 

three little birds pediatric dentistry

Anterior Crossbite Correction

When the adult front teeth arrive, crowding and altered eruption path can create an anterior crossbite. This condition reverses the relationship of the upper and lower front teeth and can increase the risk of trauma for these teeth. The correction is fast and easy and deserves timely attention!

three little birds pediatric dentistry

Ectopic Eruption Correction

Ectopic eruption of the 1st adult molar prevents the proper eruption of a very important adult molar and can create problems for another important tooth, the baby 2nd molar. If self-correction does not occur, intervention is critical in order re-establish the appropriate spacing in the area. 

three little birds pediatric dentistry

Age-Appropriate Orthodontics

Dr. Phil is equipped to deliver orthodontic treatment in our very young patients. Following the philosophy of age-appropriate orthodontics, we can provide early intervention orthodontic treatment to create stable, functionally and esthetically acceptable occlusion and normal dentofacial development.

three little birds pediatric dentistry

Space Maintenance

Space maintenance is the simplest and most effective way to prevent the loss of space after losing a tooth to trauma, decay, or infection. The maintenance of primary tooth space is critical for proper development of the adult teeth and arches. 

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